Preparing for the Swiss naturalization

Preparing for naturalization


Special course preparing for the Swiss naturalization interview

Every year about 40,000 foreigners obtain the Swiss passport after a procedure that lasts two years on average. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of Switzerland before the county’s commission including Swiss geography, history, political institutions and mastery of the French language. In order to help candidates prepare for the questions they will be asked by the commission, Ecole Moderne de Secrétariat et de Langues is offering a new 10 hour course specifically designed for this.

- The lessons are tailor-made and adapted to the candidate’s level 
- Course description: French language and Swiss culture, Swiss history, geography and political institutions
- This program can be complemented by additional French language courses if necessary
- Duration of course : 6 hours (schedule to be determined according to your availability and those of the teacher).

Price : 550 CHF
Additional hour : 100 CHF
Inscription fee : 150 CHF

New language requirements in 2018 : Candidates must demonstrate A2 level writing ability and B1 spoken skills under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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