French courses (French as Foreign Language)

& Summer French courses

5 levels, Beginner to B2

Ecole Moderne offers intensive French courses specifically designed for adult and young non-francophone students. Our teaching is provided by qualified, experienced French mother-tongue teachers.

Small groups are formed based on their level which is previously determined through a thorough and free of charge evaluation test.

Small groups = quick progress

An identical timetable for all levels allows individual students to change classes at any time in their yearly program thus ensuring a personalised learning pace which optimizes results. Furthermore, individual ‘’catch up’’ courses can be set up whenever necessary   to allow students to integrate an on-going group class at the appropriate level in a minimum amount of time. (Timetable and frequency of these ‘’ catch up ‘’ courses are arranged according to student’s availability and convenience).

Our methodology is specific to the teaching of French as a foreign language and covers all language skills in a balanced, integrated way :

Vocabulary-tense conjugation-grammar-phonetics and pronunciation-writing-spelling –reading comprehension, including newspaper articles -conversation –French and Swiss culture and civilization.

Ecole Moderne also specialises in preparing students for official examinations (DELF) with a very high success rate: 94% over the last 5 years

These diplomas certify proficiency in the French language at different levels, both spoken and written. They carry the stamp of the French National Education Ministry.

Courses timetable                                       

Monday to Friday -  8.30 to 11.30 -  A1-A2,  - A2 - B1, B1 - B2, B2+

Beginner level : Monday to Friday -  14.00 to 17.00 

(as defined by the Common European Framework of References for Languages) 

*Possibility to follow courses from September to June or for a shorter time period

*Possibility to start courses at any time

*Possibility to adapt your course timetable and frequency in terms of your availability  (3 or 4 times per week)

*Ecole Moderne calendar is based on the Geneva school holidays

Costs :      

Single registration fee: CHF 150.-

Average monthly tariff :  690 CHF  (registration minimum 3 months)

(Rates adapted among monthly periods - See below)

MAY 2019 (20 days of courses = 80 periods) Beginner-A1-A2-B1-B2 CHF 790
JUNE 2019 (16 days of courses = 64 periods) Beginner-A1-A2-B1-B2 CHF 630
SUMMER COURSES JULY - AUGUST 2019         INFOS CHF 240 per week
SEPTEMBER 2019- flat fee CHF 690
OCTOBER 2019- flat fee CHF 690
NOVEMBER 2019- flat fee CHF 690
DECEMBER 2019- flat fee CHF 690

Private French courses "One-to-One"

Our personalized French language courses are adapted to your level and individual learning pace bearing in mind your objectives and availability, for maximum results. Our teaching, adapted to all students, regardless of nationality, age or level is provided by qualified, experienced French mother-tongue teachers.
The goal is to enable the student to acquire the necessary skills enabling him or her a good command of French as well as, if such is the student’s objective, to prepare efficiently and effectively for an official diploma in French as a second language recognized worldwide.
Vocabulary-tense conjugation-grammar-phonetics and pronunciation-writing- spelling –reading comprehension, newspaper articles -conversation –French and Swiss culture and civilization.

Tariff 95CHF/ hour (60 minutes) or 140 CHF / 1 ½ hour (90 minutes)

* Frequency and timetable to be arranged with the teacher and management
*Registration and administrative fees CHF 150.-
*Possibility for our teachers to come teach at your Institution (in-company)
*Possibility to start your courses at any time

French courses Geneva


Rate by week : CHF 245

Payment terms :

- 300 CHF discount for annual payment

- 100 CHF discount for half-yearly payment (sept.-Jan. or Feb-June)

- Additional fee 15 CHF for monthly payment

Annual Training Allowance (ATA) accepted - 500CHF

LEVEL Test : Start NOW

French courses Geneva  French courses Geneva

Speedlingua is a unique method that accelerates the oral learning of foreign languages.

Integrated into a comprehensive training course, SpeedLingua produces quick results to sustainably develop oral communication in foreign languages.

Duration, tariff and frequency :

We offer a module of 10 hours for 340 CHF and recommend a frequency of 2 hours a week for optimal results.

French courses Geneva

Further information


DELF Diplômes d’Etudes en Langue Française (Diploma of French Studies)– Level A1 –A2 –B1- B2 related to the official ranking of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

These Diplomas are recognized in all countries and carry the stamp of the French National Education Ministry.

French courses Geneva

Info Student visa

The Ecole Moderne will be pleased to help you in the administrative formalities and will provide you an enrollment certificate in order for you to be able to apply for a Student Residence Permit at the Geneva State Authority : 

Office Cantonal de la Population

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