Preparation for Swiss citizenship

Every year, nearly 40,000 foreign nationals obtain their Swiss passport after a process that lasts on average two years. Candidates are required to demonstrate their knowledge of Switzerland to a municipal commission; geography, history, political institutions, a good command of French; all topics that future citizens must know. In order to help applicants prepare for questions they will be asked during the procedure, Ecole Moderne offers its services with an initia 6-hour flat fee.

The aim is to acquire the knowledge necessary to prepare for the interview Our courses are personalised and adapted to your level. Subjects: French, History, Geography, Political Institutions, Culture.

In 2018, 4,670 foreigners residing in the canton of Geneva, became Swiss citizens, including 3834 through ordinary citizenship, 832 through fast track citizenship and 4 through adoption (foreign children adopted by a Swiss citizen).

Source: Cantonal statistics

Preparation course for Swiss citizenship

To be agreed upon

CHF700 for 6 hours (registration fee of CHF150 included)
Additional hour: CHF100

Language requirements

The required level has been set at A2 for written and B1 for speaking, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

École Moderne is EduQua certified

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